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​​​​​​​Real Estate:

Our Law  Office represent buyers,sellers,and lenders in commercial and residential real estate transactions, including single and multi-family dwellings, condos, coops, townhouses, new construction,

commercial buildings, mixed use, and vacant land. We will walk you through the process of buying your house from binder and engineers report to closing. We will explain the entire process including

items such as escrow, appraisals, bank charges, bank reserves, etc. Our also represent lenders in the closing of loans for purchase and refinances.


Our Law Office assist clients in refinancing their first mortgages as well as in obtaining second mortgages. We also assist with consolidation agreements to reduce the mortgage tax liability. We will explain

the entire process including items such as escrow, appraisals, bank charges, bank reserves, etc

Foreclosures Advisory Services:

Our Law Office assist clients as how to save their house and avoid foreclosure.

Shor​tsale Negotiations:

Our Attorney Consultation with the Seller is the Cornerstone to our Short Sale services: In our consultation we will look at every aspect that is of concern for that client. A short sale is not always the best 

​​ answer for clients.  We will cover    ​*Short Sales, Bankruptcy, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Foreclosure,  Strategic Walk Aways, Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Fairness Act, Credit Impact Issues, Tax Implications

 If a short sale is in the client's best interest then we will be happy to negotiate it for them OR provide them with the information they need in order to facilitate the successful negotiation by a real estate professional.


Our Law Office is a law firm whose practice is also dedicated to immigration and nationality law. Our experienced immigration attorneys are devoted to helping individuals and businesses with all types
of immigration services.

Business Law:

Our Law office advices clients of the most beneficial entity to select while operating a business. We will review potential liability issues with you. We will arrange to register/incorporate/organize corporations

limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole-proprietorships/doing business as registration. We offer our clients assistance with Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Shareholder Agreements,

Operating Agreements, and Partnership Agreements.  If you need advice on the tax issues relating to each entity, we have proven accountants we can refer you to for advice.

Not for Profits:

Our Law office can advise clients as to the creation of a Not for Profit, register with State of NY and IRS, organize a board of directors, elect a board of directors, assist with creation of bylaws, advise at annual

meetings and many other aspects of Not for Profit administration.

Contract Preparation and Review:

Our Law office  also prepares contracts based on your needs after review of your personal circumstances and needs, also If you already have a contract, we can review it to make sure that it still suits your needs.


Family Law

Uncontested Divorces:

Our law firm will prepare and file all necessary paper work and prepare a settlement agreement if needed. This can be done with two to three visits to our office. Our office will also monitor the process and notify

you when the divorce is signed and final.


Religious & Not- For-Profit Law:

Our Law Office based in Jamaica, New York  also represent the specific legal needs of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, including numerous churches, ministries, faith-based organizations,

and clergy throughout the United States


Estate Planning:
Our Law office We will review your holdings and your assets to help with your estate planning. We will work with you to help you plan for your retirement and limit your tax liability for you and your heirs. We can

perform all of the legal services and refer you to a financial planner, accountant, and insurance agents. We will work with you to draft a will to honor your wishes on distributing your well-earned assets to your heirs.

We will review various options with you to protect your assets and take care of your family. Our goal is to put your mind at peace.
When your family member or loved one passes away, the last thing you are thinking about is the will and other legal affairs. However, necessity requires certain legal procedures. Our Law office can help you by handling

the legal affairs while you tend to other pressing matters. We can probate the will or if the person died without a will, we will process the legal documents to administer the estate.
Health Care Proxy:
Our Law office can prepares your Health Care Proxy so that you can give the ability to make health care decisions to a family member or a friend who is familiar with your medical wishes.
Power of Attorney:
Our Law office also prepares Power of Attorney so that if you are incapacitated someone you choose can manage your business affairs, including paying bills and taxes. Our goal is to put your mind and personal business

in good hands.